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In the age of digital marketing, it is imperative that your company makes the best first impression it can on clients, vendors, and other entities. Your logo has only a fraction of a second to make a first impression and you want that logo and website to make a GREAT impression. We can provide designs that look professional and classy at a reasonable cost.

Why choose us?


Our Unique Questionaire will help identify the exact look your company is trying to portray.


It’s a new technological age and we can do quality work for anyone, wherever in the world they may be.
Pietermaritzburg, Ladysmith, Newcastle and South Africa.


Customers are at the center of our world and the goal of our professional team is ensure customer satisfaction.

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Do I need a website?

It’s a new playing field and your company be it in Newcastle, Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg and South Africa, with innovative marketing, you can promote worldwide. With a well-designed website, your business can project the image and professionalism of a modern company.

Website Design

Social Media

Through social media you can keep your website updated with latest posts from platforms such as Facebook thereby keeping the site fresh and exciting.

Web Design

Our Team is highly qualified and have years of experience in Website and Graphic Design allowing us to give your site a custom, professional look.


Get 1 year unlimited hosting and domain registration for your website.
By using local servers your page loading speeds are significantly increased.

All our websites come standard with:

As a new client, the set up cost for your website includes a custom domain, a website editing tool, email address and more.
Renew from R600/year ongoing.

  • SEO

    SEO or Search Engine Optimization does exactly what is says! We optimize your website keywords, sitemap and descriptions to help you reach the top of any search engine and be found by new and existing clients.

  • Mobile Friendly

    The increase of a variety of devices being able to connect to the Internet, responsive design has taken over from older website design. Responsive design screen sizes fluctuate and resize your site to fit any device.

  • Digitised Logo

    Do you have an existing logo or would you like it updated? We’ll take your logo, convert it to vector / svg and make it web and print compliant. We’ll supply you the logo in the format you need for you to use in your documents.

  • 1 Year Hosting

    In our effort to create a hassle free experience for our clients, we offer you 1 year hosting on a local South African server – loading times are massively increased allowing your website to be loaded in an instant.

  • Domain

    In a world that moves quickly, nobody has time to waste or wants to spend time searching for a company. So by having your own unique custom website domain allows your clients to easily find you on the Internet.

  • Stock Images

    We believe that great images are fundamental to a good website design so we source images that best represent your product or service. We can also manipulate your existing photos to make them look professional!

  • Email

    We setup custom email addresses @ your registered domain. Your security is important to you so it is important to us! Your mail would be highly encrypted and together with your website safe.

  • Support

    Want a little more control of your website? That’s okay! We provide access to your website giving you the tools to continue adding pages. We provide training videos and support response within 12 hours.

Graphic Design south africa

Why get a new logo?

A logo and professionally-printed materials shows a commitment to your business and to your clients. Logos are an essential, visual way to communicate what your business is ‘all about’. In a fast, competitive world a logo helps your business to stand out and separates you from your competitors. It is the face your company wears that helps consumers to remember you. Let’s give your “face” a make-over!

Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

At webxsite we love the challenge of creating or updating a brand. We can take on all aspects involved in re-branding or adding to your existing brand, from b-cards to letterheads and even email signatures.

Logo Design

In a fast, competitive world a logo helps your business to stand out and separates you from your competitors. It is the face your company wears that helps consumers to remember you. Let’s give your “face” a make-over!


Your clients are not going to know what you do and how well you do it unless you tell them – and that means advertising. If you need a brochure, signage, print advert, a Facebook / Twitter ad or a flyer we’ve got you covered!

How it works

The design brief is a tool to make this experience as painless as possible and to enable us to work efficiently.

  • Questionnaire

    Take our step by step website questionnaire – it’ll help us understand the look/vibe that you are aiming for.

  • Start Designing

    We’ll take whatever information you provide us and translate that into something concrete. Don’t worry, we’ll contact you if we need anything else!

  • Submit Designs

    We’ll show you what we’ve come up with and you can either love it or hate it. We’ll keep working on it until you are a 1000% happy.

  • Send Artwork

    When you hit that 1000% (we’ll settle for 999%) happy, we’ll send you the print ready artwork so you can get quotes from printers in your area.

About Us

Brothers Nathan and Adrian own and run Webxsite, a website design and graphic design studio. With years of experience working in the advertising, media and marketing sectors, commercial printing and VISCOM they are able to quickly grasp and understand client’s marketing needs and translate those needs into tangible marketing solutions.

Working with companies in Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg, Newcastle and South Africa such as Nampak Flexible, Unilever, Woolworths to name a few – their mission is to give small to medium size businesses a high standard of corporate identity while being affordable for a growing business.

“That’s the corporate speak, are you impressed?
But, basically, we’re just two guys who love what we do with an aim to provide a great product at affordable rates in South Africa.”

web design south africa

How can we help?

Questions? Our kind, happy and humble customer support team would love to hear from you.

Cell: 087 802 2072